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Discover Kimberly, Alabama’s Southern Charm: 5 Top Things to Do in 2023!

Hey there fellow travelers! Are you looking for your next adventure? Something off the beaten path, yet still full of excitement and wonder? Look no further than Kimberly, Alabama! This charming southern town is a true hidden gem, filled with unique experiences and friendly locals. As a passionate traveler myself, I recently had the pleasure of exploring Kimberly and discovering all that it has to offer. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint! So pack your bags, grab your sense of adventure, book your trip through and let’s dive into the top 5 things to do in Kimberly, Alabama in 2023.

Hey there fellow travel enthusiasts! I’m excited to share with you my top 5 favorite things to do in Kimberly, Alabama, a hidden gem of the southern United States. As a passionate traveler, I can confidently say that this charming town has so much to offer, from stunning natural beauty to rich cultural experiences. And I’m not just saying that — I recently visited Kimberly myself and was blown away by its unique character and hospitality.

So, without further ado, here are my top 5 favorite things to do in Kimberly, Alabama in 2023:

  1. Explore the Rickwood Caverns State Park — this park is an absolute must-visit for nature lovers. The park features an incredible limestone cave system that is over 260 million years old! You can take a guided tour of the caverns, go hiking or mountain biking on the park’s scenic trails, or even have a picnic in the beautiful forested areas.

  2. Visit the Alabama Wildlife Center — if you’re an animal lover like me, then you won’t want to miss the opportunity to see some of Alabama’s incredible wildlife up close. The Alabama Wildlife Center is a rehabilitation center that cares for over 2,000 injured or orphaned animals every year. You can take a tour of the center and learn about the work they do, as well as meet some of the animals in their care.

  3. Experience the magic of Old Baker Farm — this historic farm is a true hidden gem of Kimberly. It was founded in 1816 and has been in continuous operation ever since! You can take a tour of the farm, learn about its fascinating history, and even pick your own fresh fruits and vegetables. There’s nothing quite like the taste of locally grown produce!

  4. Enjoy some southern hospitality at the Dutton Plantation House — this beautiful antebellum mansion is a must-visit for anyone interested in southern history and architecture. The house was built in 1835 and has been lovingly restored to its former glory. You can take a guided tour of the house, admire its stunning gardens, and even stay overnight in one of the guest rooms.

  5. Take in the beauty of the Mulberry Fork — last but certainly not least, you can’t visit Kimberly without spending some time on the Mulberry Fork. This picturesque river is perfect for swimming, kayaking, or simply relaxing on its banks. You can rent a kayak or tube and spend a lazy afternoon floating down the river, taking in the stunning scenery.

Kimberly, Alabama may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of Southern travel destinations, but that’s part of what makes it so special. This small town has managed to maintain its unique character and charm, while still offering plenty of activities and attractions for visitors to enjoy.

One of the things that impressed me the most during my visit to Kimberly was the warmth and hospitality of the locals. Everywhere I went, I was greeted with a smile and a friendly hello, and it really made me feel like a part of the community.

Another thing that sets Kimberly apart from other destinations is its affordability. You don’t have to break the bank to have an amazing vacation here. There are plenty of budget-friendly options when it comes to accommodation, dining, and activities, which means you can stretch your travel budget even further.

And of course, let’s not forget about the food! Southern cuisine is known for its rich and indulgent flavors, and Kimberly is no exception. Whether you’re in the mood for some classic barbecue, delicious fried chicken, or a slice of homemade pie, you won’t be disappointed.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a unique and affordable travel destination with plenty of natural beauty, rich culture, and friendly locals, then Kimberly, Alabama is definitely worth a visit. And don’t forget to book your accommodation through for the best deals and widest selection of options.

I hope these suggestions have inspired you to book a trip to Kimberly, Alabama in 2023. Trust me, you won’t regret it! And if you’re looking for the perfect place to stay during your visit, be sure to check out They have a great selection of hotels and vacation rentals in the area, so you can find the perfect accommodation to suit your needs. So what are you waiting for? Book your trip to Kimberly now and get ready for an unforgettable adventure!

Book your trip to Kimberly, AL with now. Happy travels!

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